Family Fun

Family Lessons

What better way to spend quality time with family than coming together on a beautiful beach to create a "postcard worthy" sand castle?

Children of all ages love playing in the sand, and we'll teach you secret techniques the professionals use so that you can easily build a stronger, taller and more detailed sand sculpture.

Call Andy at 725-500-7263 to schedule your family's next Sandventure sand sculpting lesson!

Private 1-on-1 Lessons

Our family lessons cater to each family’s artistic leanings. We carve what you want to carve!

This dynamic duo carved a castle with an arch and staircase.

No other activity can bring a family (or group) together like making memories in Sand.

Shane and Ellie Show off their skills at Sandventure’s public play day held each February.

Geraldo Rivera and Family with their creation

What better way to celebrate your birthday than playing on the beach with family and friends? We handle groups of all sizes with attention and care to help everyone’s ideas become art.


Brian Wigelsworth is not only the owner of Sandventure,he’s a fantastic artist and the creator of siesta Keys largest beach party, the “Crystal Classic”. Be sure to make it to our event every November on the #1 beach in America!